One month later…

Tonight marks game 30 for most major league clubs, I thought I’d post a quick recap of the standings along with a brief thought on each team. How’s yours doing?

AL East:

  1. Baltimore (19-10, .655) – these guys are way over their heads. they’ll come back down soon.
  2. Tampa Bay (19-10, .655) – excellent pitching, overachieving lineup. still likely to stay near the top of their division for the remainder of the season.
  3. Toronto (16-13, .552) – this team has some bright spots, but are not yet ready for prime time. not buying in yet.
  4. New York (15-13, .536) – with the exception of a few guys, the Yankees have just been awful (for the Yankees, that is). they’ll come around though, no need to panic yet.
  5. Boston (12-16, .429) – this team is just ugly to watch. Bobby V not cutting the mustard thus far, not sure if he ever will. Maybe Dustin Pedroia was right.

AL Central:

  1. Cleveland (17-11, .607) – like the O’s, these guys are way over their heads.
  2. Detroit (14-14, .500)like the Yankees, things aren’t happening for the Tigers yet. Give them some time, they’ll come around.
  3. Chicago (13-17, .433) – better than I expected so far.
  4. Kansas City (9-19, .321) – I think these guys will improve a bit, lots of young talent there. maybe a .500 finish would be pushing it, but they’ll get better.
  5. Minnesota (7-21, .250) – literally the worst in the league.

AL West:

  1. Texas (19-10, .655) – just about right.
  2. Oakland (15-14, .517) – they have some talent. not enough to hang in for a wildcard though.
  3. Seattle (14-17, .452) – these guys have some talent on paper, it just hasn’t translated to the field yet.
  4. Los Angeles (13-17, .433) – speaking of talent on paper, if these guys don’t come around soon, Pujols will likely be lynched by the all-star break. at least he finally hit a home run, too bad his team wasn’t there to see it.

NL East:

  1. Washington (18-10, .643) – it’s all starting to come together. new and improved with bryce harper. this team will be good for quite a while.
  2. Atlanta (18-12, .600) – overachieving, it won’t stick.
  3. New York (16-13, .552) – gotta give the Mets credit here. they’re a terrible team playing 3 games above .500. good for them. not gonna last though.
  4. Miami (15-14, .517) – lots of talent on paper, just not on the field.
  5. Philadelphia (14-16, .467) – this is ugly. they’ll pick it back up, but their wildcard spot is going to be up for grabs.

NL Central:

  1. St. Louis (18-11, .621) – these guys are killing it. without Pujols, LaRussa, and Dave Duncan. good for them.
  2. Cincinnati (15-13, .536) – they’re right there.
  3. Houston (13-16, .448) – pretty good start for the stro’s. got some young talent. maybe they won’t wind up in the cellar afterall.
  4. Pittsburgh (12-16, .429) – they might wind up in the cellar. not much going on here. waiting for them to trade Andrew McCutchen for 6 no-name prospects.
  5. Chicago (12-17, .414) – some great young talent here, but not close to putting it all together.
  6. Milwaukee (12-17, .414) – these guys need to do something quick before they fall too far behind.

NL West:

  1. Los Angeles (19-10, .655) – yep. donny baseball for manager of the year!
  2. San Francisco (14-15, .483) – great pitching, awful lineup. still thinking they’ll finish around .500.
  3. Arizona (14-16, .467) – underachieving a bit, but aren’t too far away.
  4. Colorado (12-16, .429) – sounds about right.
  5. San Diego (10-20, .333) – these guys would be in 3rd place if they move to the AL Central. might not be a bad idea.

I don’t think there have been any major shocks of the season, save for the hype the Angels and Marlins had coming in to this season. If you haven’t seen the Pujols first homer video, check it out, it’s pretty funny. That’s about it for now, we’ll do this again next month.


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