Cain achieves perfection. Lincecum who?

When the San Francisco Giants agreed to contract extensions with both Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain last season, they received mixed reactions from critics because they couldn’t lock Lincecum down for more than 2 years, and they (seemingly) broke the bank on Cain for 8 years. Being that Lincecum was 26 and had already won 2 Cy Young awards, it was somewhat hard to argue with those sentiments, but it’s becoming obvious the Giants knew what they were doing all along.

If you haven’t caught the news today, Matt Cain threw the first perfect game in Giants history last night against the Astros – in dominating fashion. Cain had 14 strikeouts, and the Astros offense really only hit the ball hard twice, where Cain was picked up by great plays in the outfield.

This perfect game marks only the 2nd time in MLB history with 2 perfect games in the same season (the only other was 2010). This 14K performance also ties Sandy Koufax’s record for most K’s in a perfect game.

What I find to be more interesting is that Cain is a bona fide top-of-the-rotation stater (8-2 in 13 starts, 2.18 ERA), and Lincecum has been a complete disaster in 2012. “The Freak” sits at 2-7 in 13 starts, with those 2 wins being the only games the Giants won out of all 13 (and one was against the worst team in the league). He’s second worst among starters in the NL with an even 6.00 ERA, and if he was named something other than Tim Lincecum, we would have been deported to the bullpen by now – maybe even sent down.

But the Giants haven’t sent him to the bullpen, or down to he minors. Maybe they should. They should definitely send him to the barber though. Nice stupid hair, dick. But the Giants are only 3.5 games out of first, despite Lincecum’s awful hair season. Think about this – if the Giants won half of Lincecum’s starts this year, the Dodgers would be trailing in the West, with a .625 winning percentage. Fortunately for them, Lincecum’s lack of production has been picked up by the rest of the bunch, and they’re still in the playoff race – at least for now.

Anyway, congrats to Cain, the Giants, and their fans.


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3 Responses to Cain achieves perfection. Lincecum who?

  1. itszanonibro says:

    These are starting to get a bit old… whoda thunk? Still amazing, not taking that away from the guy at all, especially in the dominating fashion he did it… but I remember 9 of the 20* (10 of 21 if you include the Joyce blown call) in my lifetime. Doesn’t seem as special as it should, especially when guys like Phil Humber/Dallas Braden have thrown them.

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